The following quotes are taken from THE WIGGLESWORTH STANDARD, a book which contains inspired writings from Smith Wigglesworth, a twentieth century British evangelist.These quotes are relevant now just as they were in Wiggleworth’s day. I pray that you will be blessed as you read, meditate, and absorb the inspired words of this awesome man of God.

“Many Christians think that they are obedient because they do not overtly sin by disobeying the rules – the do’s and don’ts. But this is not all there is to it. We must realize that God, the Holy Spirit, is ever waiting to guide us, to draw us away from the distractions and sinfulness of our surroundings just to bring us into fellowship with Him.”

“It is one thing to know the Word, and another thing to be captive to the Word. You are either captive to the Word, or captive to the world.”

“The question rings out louder than ever before. “When the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth” (Luke 18:8).

“You must come to the place of daily building with a daily denial of self, a daily discipline of reading and meditating on the Word of God, a daily habit of spending quality time in worship and waiting on Him, and a daily seeking Him for more.”

“We must be emptied of self and filled with God.”

“God’s will shall be done, provided your will is not in the way.”

“Transformation comes tnrough constantly yielding. This is the only way. You can go to church all your life; you can spend all your time learning, praying and singing; but still you will be captive to your past unless you make the decision to yield and obey every time God shows you something.”

“When you take authority over the devil in any situation, what counts is what the devil sees. If he only sees the uncommitted you, like the seven sons of Sceva, you’re in trouble.”

“You can have a good reputation in your church, you can say all the right words, you can even know all the right phrases and all the rignt answers, and still be powerless. Powerlessness is the result of not having the resemblance of Jesus in your spirit.The resemblance of Jesus Christ’s likeness comes through a surrendered life.”

“Jesus was totally yielded and obedient to the Father, and therefore, God did not give the Spirit by measure to Him (John 3:34). God’s Spirit was upon Him without limit, and He moved in unlimited power. Jesus showed us by His example, the way to walk in power.”

“We can only receive power as a gift, through yielding and obeying.”

God brings us to a place where the difficulties are, where the pressure is, where the hard corner is, where everything is so difficult that you know that there are no possibilities on the human side. God must do it.”



  1. Its funny how the devil has made us think
    so much about the past things. he always
    wants as to believe that God worked through
    people like Bro. wigglesworth or wesley and
    He cant be the same today. When Hebrew
    13:8 says Jesus is the same yesterday, today
    and forever! He still heals, fills with the
    Holyghost and still requires holiness.
    Actually the devil wants us to warm on a
    painted fire when there there is a real Fire.
    Its like assuming a motorcycle becomes a
    car when its placed on a car garage or
    washing a pig, giving it sheep feed and
    calling it a sheep. It will never be for sure!
    We preach joining church instead of real
    confession, repentance and baptism of the
    God still has a non denominational ministry
    where the Holyghost is the leadership. And
    where God is ever is not history, raising the
    dead, healing the sick and the blind see. Not
    a historical God that never does what He
    did and promised.
    Its funny we only accept His servants after
    they die. After Wigglesworth He raised
    William Branham but He was rejected by
    denominations and right now there as so
    many FALSE accusations against Him on
    internet about Him. But God vindicated His
    ministry more than any minister in the 20th
    century like oral Roberts or Billy Graham.
    God have mercy on this generation that’s in
    a sodom condition. Time is over, sin is
    maturing everywhere. Let’s get back to the
    first faith, Acts 2:38 and pray for


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