I have a very important announcement to make, and that is this: FORNICATION IS A SIN!

The definition of fornication is: Sexual intercourse between people who are not married to each other.

Many professed Christians are committing fornication routinely as if it’s the natural thing to do. Let me tell you: IT IS NOT NATURAL! IT IS NOT RIGHT! FORNICATION IS A WILLFUL AND DELIBERATE VIOLATION OF GOD’S LAW.
The TV shows we watch, such as Soapies and series such as Empire, Generation,s Isibaya, and Isidingo, depict couples living together without being married as natural. 
How can one regularly commit fornication and still believe they are in right standing with God? If you are engaging in this sinful act, STOP IT NOW! God is not pleased with you, and you will be judged! 
Sex only inside of the bonds of marriage is right, natural and God approved. 
The Bible says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing. The Word of God did NOT say: He who finds a girlfriend, lover or boyfriend finds a good thing!
Pastors are even committing fornication with sisters in their own congregations and still standing in the pulpit, preaching God’s Word. PASTORS, IF YOU ARE GUILTY OF THIS SIN, YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN! Come out the ministry until you REPENT and are once again in right standing with God.  
Remember, not everyone who says, Lord, Lord, will enter heaven. Heaven is reserved for those who keep God’s commandments. 
Sadly, there will be many pastors, prophets, apostles and evangelists in hell. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!


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